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You've arrived at the central hub for all the latest news and happenings in the multiverse. Dive into the updates below and keep yourself informed about the exciting developments. REFRESH THIS PAGE to ensure you're receiving the latest updates.

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Got questions or feedback? Feeling confused? Have a brilliant idea to expand the multiverse? I'm just an email away. Reach out anytime!

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The 'Curse of the Alpha' series is now complete and available in e-book formats. If you love to see how howls and magic get entangled, be sure to check out the series. 

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The Other Shoe - new short story, part of Mirror & Realms series is available in the Multiverse Store and Megastar library.

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Ring in the new year with 'Taleweaver' – our latest game venture, inspired by the 'Mirror and Realms' series! Stay tuned, follow our journey, and get ready to claim your very own slice of the multiverse.