Games of the Multiverse

About Multiverse Games

The Multiverse Games invite you on an extraordinary journey, offering a seamless blend of rich storytelling and interactive gameplay. This immersive world springs from the pages of the "Multiverse Collection," a series of novels penned by USA Today Bestselling author D.N. Leo.

The Multiverse Games are designed to provide you with a unique adventure where the vibrant characters and captivating worlds of the novels are not just read but lived.

Your Role in the Multiverse Games

As we transform the first novel series, "Mirror and Realms," into the thrilling "Taleweaver" games, you, the players, are offered a chance to step into the shoes of dynamic characters. Navigate through intricately designed realms, make choices that weave your own story, and leave your mark on the multiverse. But your involvement doesn’t end within a game. Multiverse game characters play for credits and currencies, with the ultimate goal being part of the multiverse, operating in the TriRealm system. Whether you want to be a rogue mercenary, a fairy, a witch, an Eudaizian commander, or a happy citizen living in Eudaiz and being protected by Eudaizian warriors, the Multiverse Games provide you with a gateway to enter.

Connect with D.N. Leo

D.N. Leo's vision has brought the multiverse to life, blending fantasy and reality into a tapestry of adventures. Learn more about the author behind this grand creation. For insights, updates, and a chance to connect with D.N. Leo, click or scan QR code.

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Discover the Multiverse novels

Eager to delve deeper into the narrative roots of the game? The Multiverse Collection awaits. These novels provide a rich backdrop to the games, offering insights into the characters you'll meet and the worlds you'll explore. For more information about the novels, click or scan QR code.

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Stay Updated on the Latest in Multiverse Games

Our games are ever-evolving, mirroring the expansive nature of the multiverse itself. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments, new game releases, and exciting expansions. For the latest information about our games, click or scan QR code.

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