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About The Taleweaver

Embark on an enchanting adventure with The Taleweaver, set within the mesmerizing universe of D.N. Leo's best-selling 'Mirror and Realms' novel series. This epic role-playing game transcends the conventional boundaries of time, space, and imagination.

Prepare yourself for an unparalleled journey across the vast and complex TriRealm System, a place where the realms of the Material World, the Magical World, and the mysterious Crossworld are intricately intertwined.

Here, you'll encounter a diverse tapestry of characters - from mystical beings straight out of fairytales and formidable supernatural entities residing in the Crossworld, to paranormal creatures that walk unseen among humans.

The Taleweaver extends an invitation to a multiverse brimming with endless possibilities, guiding you towards Eudaiz - a unique universe where superpowers, love, and happiness are intermingled.

Step into this world where your path is yours to forge, in a narrative that reminds us: happiness is not a predestined journey, but a choice we make.

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Magical Extraction is Game 1 of The Taleweaver series and comprises three exciting levels:

Level 1: Elemental Gathering

Start on Earth to gather all elemental magic elements and escort Cinderella to the exit point.

multiverse games by dn leo

Level 2: Crossworld Turbulence

Guide Cinderella through the Transitional Zone and the enigmatic Crossworld, ensuring her protection with the newly assembled shield.

multiverse games by dn leo

Level 3: Fairytale Finale

Journey through the whimsical yet perilous fairytale land to take Cinderella safely home.

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D.N. Leo's vision has brought the multiverse to life, blending fantasy and reality into a tapestry of adventures. Learn more about the author behind this grand creation. For insights, updates, and a chance to connect with D.N. Leo, click or scan QR code.

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Discover the Multiverse novels

Eager to delve deeper into the narrative roots of the game? The Multiverse Collection awaits. These novels provide a rich backdrop to the games, offering insights into the characters you'll meet and the worlds you'll explore. For more information about the novels, click or scan QR code.

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Our games are ever-evolving, mirroring the expansive nature of the multiverse itself. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments, new game releases, and exciting expansions. For the latest information about our games, click or scan QR code.

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