Mirror & Realms Series - Multiverse Collection by DN Leo
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Time is her enemy — each tick of the clock brings Madeline closer to losing her soul.  Journalist by day, accidental goddess slayer by night, Madeline's life is anything but typical. 

She writes stories that help those in need. She has the power to change fairytales. Yet, a well-intentioned deed gone awry enrages both gods and fairies, turning her world upside down.

 The divine ultimatum is clear: win over her destined soulmate or forfeit her soul. The challenge? Her soulmate, Ciaran, is seen as Prince Charming in the eyes of every woman, but he sees Madeline as nothing short of a walking disaster. 

To win his heart, she must navigate love without the crutches of magical slippers, a grand ball, or a fairy godmother's guidance.

The Mirror and Realms series blends contemporary drama with mystical challenges, a modern rollercoaster of emotions and fate.

It's where the intensity of Outlander meets the enchantment of Once Upon a Time. Are you ready to dive into the power of true love and an addictive emotional whirlwind?

The complete series of 13 books is available in e-book, audio, and print formats.

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Books in the series:

  1. Once Upon a Soulmate
  2. Once Upon a Secret
  3. Once Upon a Sin
  4. Once Upon a Spirit
  5. Once Upon a Promise
  6. Once Upon a Shadow
  7. Once Upon a Light
  8. Once Upon a Halo
  9. Once Upon a Zodiac
  10. Once Upon a Vow
  11. Once Upon a Portal
  12. Once upon an Angel
  13. Once Upon a Second Chance

Virgo - The Vampire City - Novella 
The Other Shoe - Short - Exclusive

Once Upon a Soulmate - Mirror & Realms #1

Once Upon a Secret - Mirror & Realms #2

Once Upon a Sin - Mirror & Realms #3

Once Upon a Spirit - Mirror & Realms #4

Once Upon a Promise - Mirror & Realms #5

Once Upon a Shadow - Mirror & Realms #6

Once Upon a Light - Mirror & Realms #7

Once Upon a Halo - Mirror & Realms #8

Once Upon a Zodiac - Mirror & Realms #9

Once Upon a Vow - Mirror & Realms #10

Once Upon a Portal - Mirror & Realms #11

Once Upon a Angel - Mirror & Realms #12

Once Upon a Second Chace - Mirror & Realms #13