Curse of the Alpha Series - Multiverse Collection by DN Leo
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Deadly secrets. Sinful power. Forbidden love. And a curse that could unravel everything.

Ivy’s a psychic with sass, running her family’s century-old security biz in a city quivering at the whispers of dark magic's return. She's all cool charm until dark magic offs a client, threatening to send her legacy and her finances into a supernatural tailspin.

Enter Killian: Alpha shapeshifter, brooding hunk, and her unexpected lifeline. 

He's got the cash to float her sinking ship, but there's a catch – she's got to break her golden rule and take on a client of the furry and fanged variety. Him.

His pitch? Protection from a curse. The twist? It's more tangled than either of them bargained for. 

And when Ivy's own skeletons come dancing out of the closet, they might just be deadlier than anything lurking in the shadows.

Brace yourself for a romp through a world where the line between enchantment and danger is as thin as a whisper.

Perfect for fans of 'True Blood,'  'A Discovery of Witches,' and 'Outlander.'


The complete series of 7 books is available in e-book, audio, and print formats.

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Books in the Series:

  1. Wolf Cursed
  2. Wolf Hunted
  3. Wolf Trapped
  4. Wolf Betrayed
  5. Wolf Turned
  6. Wolf Mated
  7. Wolf Ascended

Wolf Curse - Curse of the Alpha #1

Wolf Hunted - Curse of the Alpha #2

Wolf Trapped - Curse of the Alpha #3

Wolf Betrayed - Curse of the Alpha #4

Wolf Turned - Curse of the Alpha #5

Wolf Mated - Curse of the Alpha #6

Wolf Ascended - Curse of the Alpha #7