Vines Feathers and Potions Series by DN Leo
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Magic, Murder and a Hint of Merlot...

A witch in hiding, Jasmine's latest batch is not just infused with love but implicated in a crime that could expose her supernatural secrets to the world. 

Enter Detective Bertram, a skeptic from Melbourne who finds his disbelief and his heart challenged by the enigmatic vintner. 

Together, they are an intoxicating duo in Gisborne's supernatural underbelly where passion ignites amidst peril, and each revelation brings them closer to the killer, and to each other. 

As action swirls like fine wine in the glass, can they survive the danger with their lives and hearts intact? 

Strap in for a tale where Charm meets Outlander, a story steeped in mysteries, laced with romance, and bubbling with action that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The complete series of 9 books is available in e-book, audio, and print formats.

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Books in the Series:

  1. Cabernet Murder 
  2. Sauvignon Secrets
  3. Zinfandel Affair
  4. Malbec Betrayal 
  5. Pinot noir Healings
  6. The Last Sunflower
  7. Bird of Paradise 
  8. Blue Passion
  9. Lily of the Valley

Cabernet Murder  - Vines, Feathers and Potions #1

Sauvignon Secrets - Vines, Feathers and Potions #2

Zinfandel Affair - Vines, Feathers and Potions #3

Malbec Betrayal - Vines, Feathers and Potions #4

Pinot nior Healing - Vines, Feathers and Potions #5

The Last Sunflower - Vines, Feathers and Potions #6

Bird of Paradise - Vines, Feathers and Potions #7

Blue Passion - Vines, Feathers and Potions #8

Lily of the Valley - Vines, Feathers and Potions #9