Spectrum of Magic Series - Multiverse Collection by DN Leo
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Orla, a sorceress turned high-end thief, prowls London's velvet nights, her dark magic heritage cloaked in shadow. Alongside her, Lorcan —the hacker who writes spells in code—guards secrets of the supernatural world they serve.

Together, they are elusive, enigmatic, always a hair's breadth from the legacy Orla escaped.

But when a spellbound heist exposes them to the very darkness they dodge, Orla and Lorcan's underworld life spirals into chaos.

With arcane dangers clawing at their heels and betrayal lurking in the data streams, they find themselves in a fight where love is the ultimate gamble, and a past scorned is their deadliest foe.

In London's hidden alleys, where every relic whispers of power and every byte tells a lie, Orla and Lorcan must risk it all.

Will their bond shatter under the weight of the past, or will their union cast a new light in the darkness?

The complete series of 4 books is available in e-book, audio, and print formats.

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Books in the Series:

  1. White Curse
  2. Blue Fox
  3. Indigo Stone
  4. Red Moon
  5. Libra - Novella
  6. Pisces - Novella

White Curse - Spectrum of Magic #1

Blue Fox - Spectrum of Magic #2

Indigo Stone - Spectrum of Magic #3

Red Moon - Spectrum of Magic #4

Libra - Spectrum of Magic Novella