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Series & Collections

The best-selling series features the first generation of the multiverse, unconditional love, unbreakable relationships and loyalty.

📖 Doubling Down (standalone)

📖 Totem of Aries (standalone)
📖 Cross My Heart (standalone)

📚 Soulmate Tales (to be read in order)
1. Random Psychic
2. Forever Mortal
3. Elusive Beings
4. Imperfect Divine

📚 Mindscape Trilogy
1. Light and Shadow
2. Spells and Codes
3. Blood and Spirit

Air and Water presents a contemporary take of angels and mermaids in the multiverse. It features the first generation of the multiverse, and contains elements of time travelling.
📚 Shadow of Angel
1. Oleander
2. Wolfsbane
3. Maikoa

📚 Merworld 
1. Heart of Siren
2. Soul of Siren
3. Karma of Siren


The series features the second generation of the multiverse with epic battles, impossible creatures, and unwavering love.

📚 Mage of Bloodstone
1. Light of Demon
2. Shade of Darkness (including Ash of Scorpio)

📚 Soul of Ashes
1. Fire Summoner (including Fire at Crossroad)
2. Fire Destroyer

📚 Vines, Feathers and Potions (to be read in order)

  1. Cabernet Murder
  2. Sauvignon Secrets
  3. Zinfandel Affairs
  4. Malbec Betrayal

The series centered around love stories between magical creatures a cross different worlds. There are a lot of shape shifting and magic in this series.

📚 Surge of Magic (to be read in order)
1. Spell Breaker -White Curse
2. Fate Shifter - Blue Fox
3. Cursed Stone - Indigo
4. Magic Unborn - Red Moon

📖 Libra (novella - standalone)

📚 Ghost of the Between World (to be read in order)
1. Soul Dealer
2. Soul Market