Good Deity - Multiverse Collection by DN Leo
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In Melbourne's moral landscape, Mya's a goddess-next-door facing an age-old dilemma. As a divine bean counter in sensible shoes, she tallies souls, aiming to save them and avoid smiting. It's a cycle of salvation and repetition. Yet, celestial scorekeeping is trickier than it seems.

Enter Zach, whose guitar riffs could bend the River Styx, throwing Mya's instincts into overdrive. He's no ordinary soul; he's the harmony to Mya's melody, making her wonder if she's less guardian angel, more rock goddess.

Their paths intertwine, and Mya faces a cosmic question: Can she maintain her halo while embracing a romance beyond the heavens? "Destiny of a Good Deity" is more than a celestial saga—it's a rom-com with wings, where choices lead to joy or jeopardy.

In a realm where gods follow rules and love charts its course, will Mya and Zach harmonize with destiny or become star-crossed? This mythological romance explores whether love can defy divine intervention and if true love is the greatest loophole.

The duet is available in e-book, audio, and print formats. Mya and Zach appeared in several series, and thus this duet is a perfect addition to other boxed-sets. 

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Books in the Series:

  1. Soul Dealers
  2. Soul Market
  3. Libra

Soul Dealers - Good Deity  #1

Soul Market - Good Deity #2